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    swollen thighs after vaccine

    Hi. I am a bit worried because my 2 month old baby just had the second doses of his vaccines for DPT and OPV. After 3 days, we noticed that the injection site is a bit hardened and beside it is like a swollen one. It has a red circle on it and most likely a bit hard than usual. We went to his pedia and she told us to warm compress the site. Isnt it a cold compress? The injection site is warm, by the way. I am not really sure if it was an insect bite, but it is really there until now. The vaccine was injected last week.

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    Swollen lumps are pretty common following vaccines, especially DTP. I have heard some families report that they stuck around for months, though I do not think that is normal. I believe warm compresses are the solution (though I may be wrong, I have never experienced this myself).

    Is the baby able to walk/move freely? Is he running fever?

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    Thank you for the reply. The baby didn't have any fever after the first day. However, that thigh is swollen.Yes, he can move freely as well. It is just having like a hemorrhage at his thighs.

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    Its quite a common issue and usually subsides fairly quickly - just the body doing its job!

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