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    Hi there. With my two month old baby, how is it very safe for me to use sling whenever I use it with my baby?

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    Hi fmadrigal,

    Many baby carriers and slings are designed to be used from birth such as soft carrier wraps like the Moby or Kari Me. These are extremely safe for you to use with a newborn baby and doing so will give you and your baby benefits like:

    - allowing your baby to see your face closely which aids development
    - increasing the bonding with your baby
    - comforting and soothing your baby: baby wearing has been shown to lead to a baby crying less
    - research shows baby wearing can reduce the severity/incidence of postnatal depression
    - it gives you your hands free so you can do some other jobs!

    It is best not to use a baby carrier which suspends a baby by their hips/genital area as this can put too much pressure on this area. If you want to carry your baby for several hours a day then this is fine but a carrier/wrap which equally distributes the baby's wrap around you and does not put pressure on one part of the baby is best; wrap slings are ideal for this.

    Here is a link from Baby Wearing International about Babywearing safety. As long as you follow these basic guidelines (e.g. do not jog when wearing the sling, make sure the fabric is not covering the baby's face) then babywearing has been found to be at least as safe as carrying a baby in your arms.

    Please do ask any more questions you have about babywearing here! It's an excellent way to bond with and care for a baby.

    Best wishes,


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    Do you have a sling that you use with your baby or are you considering getting one? If you have a sling, what kind is it, and are you using it yet?

    I had the standard sling with my baby (not a font pack and not a wrap, but a sling) and I found that it worked best when my babies were older.

    Some women start using their slings with a newborn - maybe I just didn't wear it properly or something, but I never could get it to work well with a newborn.


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    I used a sling with all of my newborn babies. You just have to be safe and follow the manufacturer's direction, basically make sure the baby's face is never covered.

    Best Wishes!


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    I saw a lady at church once, and every Sunday she had her infant in the sling, starting when it was a newborn. She loved it.

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