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    Hi my name is Andy and I want to ask few question on my behalf of my girl friend. She is right now 8 weeks into her pregnancy and she was experiencing a lot discomfort from the early weeks may well be due to the morning sickness.

    Few questions to ask for advise
    1) We are on our week 8 now, her breast is no longer swollen but become tender and softy, is that normal?

    2) She said right she don't 'feel pregnant' since all the signs are gone, things like when she go to the bathroom, that unique smile is no longer there, and the discomfort at the chest is no longer there, she still remain tire and so on. Is this a sign after the influence of the morning sickness?

    2) She don't always feel like eating. would it be advise to do?

    3) We are looking for some support group that can help with all the question and emotional support, is there any advise where we can go to? (We lives in Sydney, Castle Hills area)

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    Hi Andy - sorry I have been away from my computer. I hope everything is okay with your girlfriend. If you have any concerns you can see a midwife or doctor for advise. Maybe some of the pregnancy symptoms have improved. The major concerning sign in early pregnancy is bleeding. It is reassuring that your girlfriend hasn't had any bleeding. I run a pregnancy and parenting support group with the midwives from Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond once a month. To find out more details visit this web page.
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