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    Hello there. This is my second birth and both of my kids are really having jaundice. I am wondering what causes that.

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    Jaundice is very common and affects around half of all newborn babies in the first week of life. It's caused by extra Bilirubin being in the blood; newborn babies often have excess levels of Bilirubin which, in most cases, returns to a normal level without special treatment within a week. Breastfeeding your baby helps to reduce the jaundice, as does exposing your baby to normal levels of sunlight.

    Your midwife or healthcare provider should keep an eye on the level of the jaundice and how quickly it clears up.



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    All of my babies had jaundice. One of them needed the lights because her level was very high, but the others got over it pretty quickly. The best way to get rid of jaundice is to nurse, nurse, nurse and keep the baby in direct sunlight as much as possible.

    Babies tend to be very sleepy when they have jaundice but ironically they need to feed frequently to get rid of it. You need to wake the baby up every few hours and bring them to the breast (if you are breastfeeding) or give them a bottle. Sometimes pumping in between feedings and giving them a bottle of pumped breast milk can help to increase intake and flush out the bilirubin faster.

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    How old are the children that are having jaundice, and are you sure it is jaundice, or do they look pale, like they are anemic?


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    My two month old baby had it during his first week of life. The Midwives motored it because his was at 18 and normal is at 10.

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    Okay - so I think I better understand your comment. You have two children, and they both had jaundice shortly after birth. You wanted to know what causes it and what can help it.

    LJ and Mom2Many gave you some excellent information above.

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