So.... About a month-and-a-half ago I had my Mirena IUD removed because of various unwanted, persistent side effects. When it was removed, I had been experiencing spotting for several months.

I have not lost a single drop of blood since it was removed. The day before I had it removed, I had sex with my husband. Since it was removed we have been having sex with a condom.

I wanted to try natural family planning, but I was waiting for my period to come so I would know my cycles have not come. The thing is my period never came... I am breastfeeding my 19 month old, but mostly at night. I am starting to have some very familiar symptoms, like heavy/painful breasts, frequent urination, and middle-of-the-night hunger pains. I have also had several people ask me if I am pregnant because my stomach is poking out.

I have not taken a test but I am concerned that I may be pregnant. How far-fetched would it be for me to have become pregnant after the IUD was removed from the sperm left over from the previous day's intercourse? Could I have possibly been pregnant when it was removed, even? I know no birth control is concrete...

I don't know what to do you guys. I cannot afford to get a pregnancy test right now, we are completely broke. Also the reason that affording a fifth baby would be so hard for us right now. =(