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    Are you a full-time baby wearer or a part-time babywearer ?

    It seems that with each child I have birthed, I have used the baby carrier a greater number of hours a day. I have found that some mums use their baby carrier simply as a replacement for a pram, but others use them all day long - all over the house. I am pretty sure the true benefits of baby carrying are more apparent to those who use them all throughout the day. I often have mums approach me in public and tell me that they could never get their baby to enjoy the carrier, I think this is usually because they started too late or didn't use it frequently enough.

    How often do you wear your baby?

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    I'm done wearing my babies (youngest is now 7) but I found that I started baby wearing when my babies were about 2 months old and I would, at times, wear them when they were 3 (because it was easier than carrying them with my arms). For me I just used it when it was convenient and when it "worked" (i.e. if baby just wanted to be close to me and I had other things I needed to get done). Find a baby carrier that's comfortable and works well for you and baby and you'll be well on your way to being a productive Mum with a happy baby

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    I wear my baby full time. In fact, we have never owned a pram or buggy! He first went into a Kari-me at one day old.

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    We have not had a pram or buggy for our last three babes either LJ! I had my second in a ring sling when he was only a few hours old. =)

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    I love it mom2many!

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    I used to be part-time babywearer. I just use it when we are out of the house for a walk or at the mall.
    And sometimes I just carry my baby in my arms because it was easier for me.

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    I am also a part-time baby-wearer. I started late (when my baby was around 2 months old) mainly because I was too scared to use the ring sling I bought. Is it safe to use rings slings even for newborns?

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    Hi Ana,

    Thanks for your post. Ring slings are suitable for newborns. However, I agree with you - I preferred to not use mine on my newborn. Instead, I used a stretchy wrap sling which I found more comfortable and secure feeling than the ring sling. I have found the ring sling great as my baby got a little older - especially for times when I wanted to put him in and out of the sling frequently and quickly (e.g. at larger social occasions). The ring sling is also easy to use for breastfeeding in. My ring sling is made from a mesh material so I can even use it in the shower!

    I don't think 2 months is that late to start with baby wearing. Your baby and you will still gain loads of benefits - both through the close bonding and in the way a sling lets you have your hands free.

    Please feel free to post any other baby wearing questions you have here.

    Best wishes,

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    Hi LJ,

    Thank you for sharing your insights!


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    It is safe to use ring slings with newborns, but a lot of people prefer the stretchy wraps. I could never get the hang of wraps to be honest. I have some that I bring to doula clients houses for testing but I always felt like they were slipping. Maybe I just have really heavy babies, lol. You can also get a newborn insert for the Ergo.

    Not sure where the question was asked, but I do not think that two months is too late to start at all. =)

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