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    Wrap for Older Kids

    Hey Mamas,

    I am a huge lover of the Ergo but I am also in awe of how beautiful some of the beautiful wraps currently being sold. My baby is 19 months old, she weighs 29 lbs. I used to used to use a sleepy wrap, but it is stretchy and I could never get the hang of it. I always felt like she was falling out. Does anyone use a non-stretchy wrap with an older kid? What would you suggest if so?

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    I haven't used a non-stretchy wrap with an older child, but I did use a sling to help support them on my hip so I could have hands free. Sometimes I even shifted them around to my back on the sling. But my favorite thing for working around the house and going to the market was the back-pack. I used that often.

    Hoping someone else has suggestions on a good "non-stretchy" carrier for an older child.


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    We use a Mei Tai with my 20 month old which is great and he loves it!

    We used a stretchy wrap sling until he was 12 months old but due to the stretchy material he would get lower and lower as his weight increased. The Mei Tai is super for carrying a toddler on your back or front- it stays in position and distributes their weight nicely.

    Best wishes,


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    Thanks for the suggestions lady. Our local baby carrier group has library of carriers that can be checked out by members. I will have to look into borrowing a mei tai.


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    You're welcome!

    I think baby wearing libraries are super for trialling new wraps before you purchase them or for a specific use or occasion.

    I hope you find the Mei Tai comfortable - it certainly is the right carrier for us,

    Best wishes,


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