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Thread: Solid food for 6 month old baby

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    Solid food for 6 month old baby

    How many times a day should my baby who is 6 month old be eating solid food?

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    At six months of age, milk is more important than solids, particularly if you are a breastfeeding mum. I would just give babe food when they show interest, such as during the times of that you eat. Continue using breastmilk or formula for the bulk of their calories.


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    If you follow baby led weaning then the advice is to only offer solid food when the baby is not hungry. This is because, as Angela says, milk is more important and nutritious and easy to absorb than solid food from 6-12 months. What works well, is if you breastfeed (or formula feed if this is what you are using) your baby at least an hour before the time you would normally eat. Then your baby can sit with you at family meal times and try food/ play and explore food without getting frustrated that they are feeling hungry. At this young age a baby will not associate eating solid food with helping to alleviate hunger; which is why it is important they still get the majority of their requirements from the milk. At 12 months of age, studies have shown that a baby can still get over 90% of their nutrients from breast milk (as long as they are being breastfed frequently enough). This percentage gradually increases over the second year of life.

    It will be of social and developmental benefit to your baby if you include them at family meal times. As long as they are not sleepy they can be included at all family meal and snack times. Healthy, unprocessed food is best e.g. avocado, broccoli, cucumber, steamed chicken, banana etc. As long as the food does not contain nuts or stones (which are choking hazards) and the pieces are cut big enough (to extend from your baby's clenched fist by 1 or 2 inches) then your baby will learn how to manage the different food types and textures and have great fun doing so!

    Please let us know how you get on and if you have any further questions.

    Best wishes,


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    Thanks for this great info. I too have a 6mos babe and i introduce solids last month. I wondered if it is really necessary to feed them full of solids, and this answers my question in mind. Just a query, i am giving my babe fresh orange juice at this age - does this harm or do good to my bub? Thanks.

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    Hi Mandee,

    I'm so glad this information was helpful for you. If you want more information on baby led weaning then here is the link to Gill Rapley's book.

    The recommendation by Gill Rapley (who has studied baby weaning extensively) is to just offer milk (this can be expressed breast milk if you are breastfeeding) or water with the solid food. In terms of a baby's teeth, for a baby who is 6-12 months old it is better to give them segments of orange juice to suck on rather than a drink of orange juice.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi Mandee,

    I would agree with LJ. If your baby shows an interest in a slice of orange, then give them the slice. You want it to be a good size for them to hold on to. I would peel the orange and give them a segment of the orange so that they don 't get a chunk of peel in their mouth, which they could choke on. That's just my personal opinion and not necessarily what the author of Baby Led Weaning teaches (I haven't read the book).

    But giving your baby freshly squeezed orange juice before 12 months of age is simply too much sugar at one time, unless you are diluting it with water. I would dilute it more than 50% with water if you feel your baby needs juice, but most babies truly should get their calories from the breastfmilk or formula, and not from juice.

    Hope this helps.

    Warm Regards,


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