Ok so I was wondering if I could get a few answers if possible.

Was really sick at the start of last month 'October'.
October 1st and 2nd I had a really really light period/bleed. (preg test was neg)
I went into hospital on the 3rd of october for a couple of day. whilst in hospital i lost over 15kilos . have now been out of hospital for a month n have gaind a fair bit of weight. (have never been able to put weight on due to medical reasons)
I had a werid extreamily light bleed on the 16th & 17th of October an I dont no why.
My cycle is normaly dead on 28days.
Could the bleed on the 16th and 17th been implantation bleeding or a period ?
If it was a period when do you think it would be the best time to do a test ?
Trying for another baby after losing twins at 5months preg 2 years ago.
I have sore boobs that are getting bigger. eatting alot more. abit tired, a few headaches, period like cramps/pains but no bleeding, emotions are everywhere.
I had the merina in a few years ago an wasnt told of the difficulties of falling preg n not miscariaging after having it in.
I have a 4yewar old and never had any symptoms with my son at all except for morning sickness after 11weeks.
So jus curiouse as to what you think.