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Thread: Use of Diaper 24/7 for baby boy

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    Use of Diaper 24/7 for baby boy

    Is it safe to use 24/7 diaper for baby boy.I'm asking this because often rashes appear. Advise me

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    Hello ibrualfi,

    Often times, if you are using cloth diapers, the urine will sit on baby's skin too long, and start to burn it. You'll want to be sure you are changing your baby's diaper very often, and as soon as you notice it is wet or dirty.

    Also, you may want to put a diaper cream on his bottom each time you change his diaper. A nappy cream with calendula or zinc can be very helpful.

    You'll also find some helpful information on the Nappy Rash thread.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Hi ibrualfi,

    As Kate says it is best to change your baby's diaper frequently (whenever it is wet or dirty) and to use a barrier cream if they are suffering from nappy rash. The barrier cream helps to prevent moisture affecting the babies skin.

    It is safe to use diapers 24/7 but you may find that giving your baby some diaper-free time each day (e.g. when he is playing on a towel) helps to prevent further nappy rash.

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    If rashes appear then you should change your baby diaper time by time. Don't use for 24 hours and also buy chemical free baby diapers.

    honest co

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    It depends on what type of nappy you are using as to how often they need changing. Generally speaking, disposable nappies don't need to be changed as often as cloth nappies. This is because disposable nappies contain gels that expand with urine (they hold the urine inside little gel balls in the nappy). Cloth nappies soak up the urine. However, this does not mean disposables are 'better' than cloth nappies- some parents do not like the idea of urine being held close to a babies skin for so long (even if it does not leak). If you use cloth nappies, you can add a fleece liner which draws moisture (urine) away from a baby's bottom.

    Whichever type of nappy you choose, it is good to let you baby get some air on their bottom each day. This is even more important if you see any redness or nappy rash appearing. Nappy rash can sometimes flare up when a baby is teething (due to the extra saliva they produce and swallow when teething) - so you it's a good idea to keep an extra check on your babies bottom if you think teeth are coming through.

    Nappy rash occurs when urine and poo come into contact and irritate a baby's skin. You can help to reduce the chance of your baby suffering from this by making sure you wipe your baby's bottom really well at every nappy change. It is fine to use plain water; some babies are sensitive to fragranced wipes.

    Nappy rash is really common and tends to clear up quickly with a good dose of air on the bottom!


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