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Thread: Unexpected Outcomes

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    Unexpected Outcomes

    At the last Pregnancy and Parenting Network the topic was unexpected outcomes including arming yourself with knowledge, how to be empowered if a transfer is required and birth plans. It was quite a large topic and a lot of discussion was generated. The discussion surrounded a few centralised themes. The themes were:

    I have started threads on this forum on each of these five areas. I'd love for you to comment, post further ideas or ask any questions
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    I think creating a Birth Plan (or as the article notes Birth Preference is a much more appropiate name) is important. It gives women the opportunity to think about exactly what their wants and needs are and to write them down so they won't forget something in all of the excitement of giving birth. It also helps everyone stay on the same page. It's VERY important to keep in mind that things won't always go according to the" plan" but having it written down can be helpful

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    Hi DoubleSunshine,

    I agree that developing a birth plan/preference is an important process for women in exploring and understanding what is, and isn't, important for them during labour, birth and the postnatal period. As you mentioned it absolutely helps keep everyone on the "same page" so that the partner and/or support people understand birthing priorities!

    I think it also helps with discussions with your care provider so that they too are aware right from the start of what is important to you, while allowing women a chance to understand the perspective that their care provider might have on different issues

    Thank you for your contribution

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