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    Problem with achieving bladder control of a 2-year-old

    Hello everyone. I'm Josephine. A have a 2-year-old girl named Cielo. I am having a problem with the bladder control of my girl. I have always been instructing my little girl to ask me or her nanny to accompany her to the lu or sit in the potty whenever she feels like urinating. But, she keeps on wetting in her underwear. I don't allow her to wear nappies in the daytime since her skin gets easily irritated. She has control in her bowel elimination though, and she does asks her nanny when she wants to go to the lu to defecate. However, she does not informed us whenever she wants to pee, so that she could do it in a proper place and in a right manner. I would gladly welcome some tips or insights on how should I properly guide my 2-year-old toddler so she can achieved bladder control. Many thanks!
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