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    Good Spanking for Toddler's Extreme Negativism

    Hi, I'm Josephine, and I have a 2-year old toddler. Her name is Cielo. As parents all know, toodlers are regarded as terrible twos wherein frequent mood swings and tantrums happen. I am a first time mother, and I really have difficulty dealing with this concern. The more I reprimand my toddler, the more that she opposes what she is being told, really extreme negativism. Can anyone give me some advice on how should I effectively respond to the misbehaviors or disregard of rules of my toddler. How can I give her a good spanking? Many thanks!

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    Hi Josephine,

    You'll find here that we focus on gentle parenting rather than spanking. Personally, I do spank my young children when it's truly needed, but those spankings are few and far between and are never done in anger. They are very effective, and as such, spankings are rarely needed.

    So let me see if I can give you some suggestions on how to train little Cielo in a way where you can reduce/avoid spanking and yet still see some positive behavior correction.

    Do you have a specific incident or a specific challenge that you would like help with? Please post back here and I'll give you some suggestions.

    Warm Regards,


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    Hi Kate! I'm using another account, since I forgot the password of the first one. Thank you so much for your reply.

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    Hi Josephine,

    I feel that gentle discipline is the best approach for dealing with the misbehaviour of a child. It's important to communicate to your child that it is their behaviour you don't like/ are unhappy with rather than the child themselves. Gentle discipline does involve telling your child what is expected of them and expecting good behaviour from them but in a respectful way (to the child) that encourages a lifelong healthy relationship between parent and child.

    There are some excellent resources in discipline and behaviour on Dr. Sear's Attachment Parenting site here. These include tips such as don't discipline your child in anger and how to get a good balance between saying 'no' and 'yes'.

    I hope these resources are helpful to you,


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    I agree with LJ. Dr. Sears does have some excellent information on his website.

    If you ever have a specific incident come up that you would like help with, feel free to post it. Effective discipline means that a child will not resent you nor will they purposely try to make you upset again. Usually, if the discipline is effective, the behavior will change right away.

    Warm Regards,


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