At the Pregnancy and Parenting Network in October we discussed Unexpected outcomes at length. One of the issues that came up was whether or not to pack a bag in case transfer from home to hospital was required. Some women who'd experienced a hospital transfer advocated for packing a bag (some had not and found it challenging when the time came to move into hospital). Other women did not want to pack a "hospital bag" as it didn't feel right and gave energy to the option of giving birth in hospital. Some suggestions were to call the bag a "postnatal bag" that contains all the items for after the birth in once place - which would be really helpful following a homebirth. It was also suggested to pack it early and put it away and to no longer think about it.

Another suggestion was to not pack the bag - but to have a list of what to take so that a partner or support person can get everything ready quickly should a transfer be required.

What do you think about packing a bag when planning a homebirth?