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    how to thicken cervical lining

    I underwent DNC last 2010 due to blighted ovum. Since then I had small amounts of blood during my period. What is the cause of this? How can I also thicken my cervical lining?

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    I am sorry that you experienced a blighted ovum. I have had two miscarriages and they were extremely hard. Was this your first pregnancy or do you have other children?

    Is it your cervical lining you are looking to thicken or uterine? I assume if you are trying to conceive you mean uterine lining, but I could be wrong. In the event that you wish to improve your uterine lining in order to increase your odds of successful implantation then dietary changes can help, you may also need a fertility medication or progestron injections. That is something you would have to discuss with a doctor or midwife, however.

    Best of luck and please let us know more information about your issue. There are several women in this group who are far more experienced with fertility issues than I am. Hopefully they can shed some light. =)

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    thanks mom2many. yes, i mean it's uterine lining.

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    One of the best things you can do to help balance hormones so that you're having good bleeds (both in amount and in color) is to work with a traditional chinese medicine practitioner (TCM) who is experienced in treating women's issues. If you are trying to conceive then you'll want to look for someone who specializes in fertility.

    TCM can be very effective in balancing hormones and avoiding miscarriage.

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