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    Foods That Help Ovaries Release Egg

    I'm 35 years old and am trying to conceive for 4 years. I am concerned if my ovaries are producing eggs. What food or vitamins can help ovaries release eggs to become pregnant?

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    One of the best ways to know if you are releasing eggs is to watch your cervical mucus changes during your fertile window, and use ovulation predictor tests which will show "positive" when the luteinizing hormone surges which releases the egg. No surge, no ovulation.

    Here's a forum thread that will help you to be able to better understand how to read your signs of fertility.

    There are definitely foods and vitamins and essential fatty acids and amino acids and many more things that will help to balance hormones, create healthy eggs, and increase fertility (including releasing eggs).

    One thing that can be very helpful is to be sure you adopt a preconception care program for a few months to increase your egg quality. If you're not producing high quality eggs, the eggs cannot be fertilized. So you may be ovulating but conception may not be occurring for a variety of reasons.

    Have you been to your doctor, and had any tests done? Please post back with what the doctor and testing has showed and I will help you try to figure out what it is that is keeping you from conceiving.

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