My name is Emily, and I am a mum of four. I have four children beautiful gifts from God. Alana is eleven, Ethan is nine, Levi is three, and Arrayah is nine months old. I never figured that one day I would be a mother of four, but I find it to be invigorating, and I love giving my time and energy to these little gifts that God has given me. I am married, and we live together as a family.

There are times, though, even with having four little ones, that I find myself wondering what to do in certain situations. So, I am thankful for a forum area that I can visit and receive advice from those who are even more experienced than I am.

At some point, I might be interested in having one more child. So at a future point, I might like some advice on getting pregnant again.

It's a pleasure to meet you, and I am always open having new friends, feel free to contact me at any time--as a friend, fellow mum, or just to chat.

Your new friend,