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Thread: Pain during period

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    Unhappy Pain during period

    Each month in periods, I feel too much pain with bleeding. I feel this when I was unmarried, but now I am the mum of three children but the situation is the same. I often have to take some pain killer to avoid this. I am normally physically fit and active woman.

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    Some women have cramps, some do not. Do you have a history of cysts or endometriosis? At times, these conditions persist despite having given birth. Are you taking vitamins, eating a balanced diet? How long do you bleed every month? Any other health concerns?


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    Hello ww2234,

    Angela has asked some very good questions which will help us be able to better give you some ideas on how to reduce your pain each month.

    Pain during menstruation is not "normal" for a healthy woman. It may be the norm for most women, but it is a sign of hormonal imbalance and can be resolved. Acupuncture and herbs are very helpful in supporting female reproductive wellness and reducing/eliminating pain during your period.

    Also, you'll want to be sure you are getting enough Essential Fatty Acids each day which you can find in fish, cod liver oil, flax oil and evening primrose oil.

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    A very common problem and if you have been "cleared" by a gynaecologist as not having endometriosis or something equally unpleasant then its something an osteopath can often help with. Many of the nerves that supply the pelvic organs leave the spine through the sacrum (bone) and any tension / mechanical torsion in this can have a major effect on the ligaments and soft tissues. Durring mentruation there are hormonal changes that sensitise the ligaments. Osteopathy can be extremely gentle, especially with cranial / visceral techniques.

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