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Thread: baby sleeping schedule

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    Strange thing is happening in my area. Few mothers said to me that their child wakes up at 5 am. Mine too. Every night at 5 am she wakes up, and talks to me, and takes about 15 minutes to go back to sleep. What could this be?

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    Do you have a blackout blind? In many locations the sun starts to rise at 5am and this will naturally cause your daughter to wake up. The Infant Sleep Information Source recommends that your baby/toddlers sleeps in a very dark room. Have a look at this resource for some more information on baby and toddler sleep.

    I hope the transitioning to an easier sleep pattern goes very well for your daughter and you.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you. The problem just disappeared

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    Wow that's great, I'm so pleased! Was it a blackout blind that seemed to change things or some of the other techniques/ ideas mentioned earlier?

    I hope sleep continues to get easier and more enjoyable for you.

    Best wishes,

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    Follow their schedule.

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