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Thread: Transitioning to One Nap

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    Transitioning to One Nap

    How do you transition a toddler to one nap? My daughter is 14 months old and still taking 2 naps, and I know she'll be ready for 1 nap very soon --- it is taking her longer to go to sleep at nap time and one of the naps is not as long as it used to be. Thanks in advance

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    Hi NataliesMum,

    Toddlers usually transition to one nap between 15-18 months - some a little earlier, some a little later.

    Is your daughter getting 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night?
    Is it the morning nap that your daughter is taking longer and longer to go to sleep?
    Is it the morning nap that is becoming shorter? Or is the morning nap becoming longer, and then is she refusing the afternoon nap?

    When my children transitioned to one nap, I found that some days they would only need one nap (and often go to bed a little earlier) and the next they definitely needed 2 naps.

    If you can answer the questions above, then I can give you a more specific suggestion on how to make this transition. Also, what time does your daughter wake up in the morning, and what time does she go to sleep at night?

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    Thanks Kate. Natalie's bedtime routine starts around 8pm and she's usually in bed and sleeping around 8:30 and is up in the morning around 8 am.

    The morning nap is taking her longer to get to sleep. It used to start around 11am, and we've pushed it back to 11:30 and she still usually won't fall asleep for another 15-20 min after that (but isn't crying). She has been napping for approximately 1.25-1.5 hours at this time, this nap used to be approximately an

    Her afternoon nap was around 4pm and she used to nap for around an its very hit or miss. She MAYBE napped 20 minutes and was laying in her cot moving around (but quiet) or laying down and then moving a few minutes later.

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