Hi there.

I am nearly 7 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby but have been experiencing a lower back ache for a couple of days. I have also had some bleeding. I haven't had any cramping or pain only a bit of wind pain. I had a bad uti last week which was fixed up with some panadol and a course of 5 amoxils. I have done 5 pregnancy tests at home (including yesterday) and every one says positive but the lines have became darker each time, making the positive stand out more than before. Apart from all this I feel great, like I am glowing. I am quite stressed about what is going on and having 2 other beautiful children to care for can add to the stress sometimes with homework and daily jobs. I haven't really been resting as much as I probably should be, I am still working in the restaurant at the hotel and doing the washing, ironing, dishes the usual daily needs of a housewife. Do you think I am overdoing it?