At the recent Pregnancy and Parenting Network we explored lots of issues surrounding unexpected outcomes. The aim of the discussion was to explore unexpected outcomes including arming yourself with knowledge, how to be empowered if a transfer from a homebirth, a supportive environment and birth planning. It was a huge topic and difficult to tackle as on one had we plan for a wonderful homebirth and don't want to think about the 'What ifs...'

The points brought up during the discussion were:
  • Educating yourself by reading, internet, discussion with your midwife and attending classes
  • Having a discussion during pregnancy about unexpected outcomes
  • Preparing your partner and birth support team ahead of time with your choices
  • Consider formulating a birth plan for both a homebirth and a plan if a transfer becomes necessary
  • Tour the hospital facilities

Can you prepare for an unexpected outcome? Did you? What are your thoughts on this topic?