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Thread: hba4c of baby archie part 2

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    hba4c of baby archie part 2

    06/08/12 12lb4oz (5.56kg)

    Emma got me up to the toilet to help keep things moving. I was getting the urge to push with some contractions but it was excruciating. I had so much pressure on my back that I felt I would snap in 2. I tried to stay on the toilet to open my pelvis but had to stand & lean into Emma when a contraction came. I tried reciting the “relax, release” mantra in my head. Stuff that crap, it wasn’t helping!!!
    I leant against the bed again with one leg up to open everything & help bub come down more. At some point I vomited in the shower. I had to get back in the pool. Finally the water was warm again & I got back in. Instant relief!
    It was around 11pm & I remember thinking our baby wouldn’t arrive until Monday now.
    Surely this can’t go on much longer. I was so tired & didn’t want to keep going. I asked the midwife for another VE. I was talking to bub, saying “come on baby it’s time now”. She examined me during a contraction while I pushed to see how far bub came down. The midwife said my waters broke, but I know she helped it happen, bless her. There’s no going back now. I tried pushing with contractions. I don’t know if it was helping. Sometimes it was involuntary & I could feel bubs move, other times it felt like nothing was happening. I was leaning over the edge of the pool on my knees. All of a sudden I felt bubs head come down almost with a whoosh! It seemed to happen so quickly. When he started to crown, I screamed. OMFG!!! I had never felt the “ring of fire” quite like this. My contractions slowed & the pain was almost unbearable. This baby was going to rip me in two. I tried pushing without the help of contractions but it didn’t work. Slowly bubs head made progress. “It’s breech” I heard the midwife’s surprised voice. What? “No, it’s ok. It’s just got big cheeks”. What did this baby look like if you could mistake its face for its bum…lol.
    It seemed like forever but finally his head was out. The midwife asked if I wanted to touch it. No, it was too distracting; I had other things going on. I could feel him moving inside trying to position his little body. It hurt like hell!
    After a while the midwife’s voice became urgent. She told me to push harder. I was trying. Push…again…harder. “I am” I screamed. Emma & the midwife helped get me over the side of the pool to the floor. I had an enormous head between my legs & couldn’t manage on my own. What an odd sight that must have been.
    I’m on all fours on the floor pushing as hard as I could. The midwife’s voice was more demanding & urgent. “Push harder! Baby’s turning blue!” FUCK ME what was happening? She got me onto my back with my legs pushed back as far as possible. My hubby had called an ambulance but the midwife was still trying to get baby out. Next thing I know, he’s out & she is talking to him, telling him to breathe. I keep asking if he’s alright. I hear a cry…THANK GOD!!!
    It was 2am on Monday 6th August 2012. My brand new baby was put on my chest. I was asking if it was a boy or girl. I couldn’t lift bub high enough to see for myself. IT’S ANOTHER BOY!!! He was so very big & very pink! No wonder he got stuck. Everything seemed to be normal again. We were covered in a blanket. It was almost like there was no emergency. The midwife looked incredibly relieved.
    In the meantime the ambo’s arrived. They gave bubs the once over & declared him perfectly healthy. They were only there for 10mins or so.
    Someone woke the kids & all of a sudden we had an audience. They each had a little look at their new brother but couldn’t nurse him as he was still attached to the placenta. After a little while, they went back to bed.
    About an hour later I birthed the placenta but also some clots. The midwife tied his cord with a string with beads & Rob cut it, “every baby should have beads” she was saying. We still hadn’t decided on a name for our boy. I gave him to Rob for a cuddle, & moved off the floor to the lounge. I complained to the midwife of having a sudden headache & began feeling faint. My vision went blurry & I couldn’t keep my eyes open. The midwife & Emma tried getting me to eat & drink something but I just couldn’t be bothered. Rob called the ambo’s again. I heard them arrive but didn’t have the energy to respond. They gave me some fluids & oxygen & I started to come to life again. 2 hours after my homebirth we were off to Hospital, but that’s the beginning of a whole other story.
    I have NO regrets about my homebirth. I am incredibly proud of myself & feel that I can achieve anything. I birthed a 12lb 4oz(5.56kg) baby after a 22hr labour without drugs & without tearing(thanks to the magical birth pool)after 4 previous c/sections. My only disappointment was that I didn’t get to shower at home & curl up with my new baby in my own bed.
    I feel complete. I finally had the birth that every woman should be able to experience.
    My body, my baby, my birth.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this special and amazing birth story of your son Archie.

    He sounds simply beautiful and such a big boy! You should be so proud of yourself. I think this story will inspire other women who have a history of interventions during labour to consider a natural birth. You sound like you were in control throughout your labour (as well as during the planning in the third trimester) and I am in awe of the way you birthed your baby boy.

    Your birth story also tells of the wonderfully positive and relaxing affect water can have during labour. It sounds like every time you got into that warm water you became more comfortable and were able to relax more.

    Thank you again for sharing your beautiful birth story with us - your body, your baby, your birth. Amazing.

    With best wishes,


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    Beautiful, powerful birth story. Thank you for sharing and I am so happy that you got the healing experience you needed =)

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    Thank you for reminding us that an empowering birth can also be healing (in terms of feelings/even trauma about previous births) as well as a special experience in its own right.

    I'm 34 weeks pregnant now and myself, my husband and my doula are working through a hypnobirthing course with the hope that I will experience the joyful birth I dream of as well as emotional healing from my previous traumatic experience of birth. Lots of positive birthing affirmations going on here!

    Best wishes,


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    I always enjoy reading homebirth stories where things weren't "text book". Thank you for sharing.

    I had a few of those births myself, and my 4th baby was fairly blue when she was born, though she pinked right up. But she had shoulder dystocia so we had a hard time getting her out. I wouldn't exchange any of my 5 homebirths - they were all beautiful experiences.

    Warm Regards,


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