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PBB Health Centre: The Perfect Partnership of Family Medicine, Midwifery Care & Allied Health

PBB Health Centre - The Perfect Partnership of Family Medicine, Midwifery Care & Allied Health

Media Release

29 January 2013

In a first for Parramatta, the PBB Health Centre offers medical care, midwifery care and allied health services in one state of art complex. Established in 2012, PBB Health Centre combines the benefits of the family medical practice of years gone by, with the latest medical and technological advancements. PBB Health Centre represents the way forward in comprehensive, whole-of-life-span care.

With a growing staff of highly experienced and diversely skilled General Practitioners, the Doctors at PBB Health Centre specialise in all aspects of family medicine. Specialities include women’s health, pregnancy shared care, mental health, child health, and skin cancer detection and prevention. In January 2013 PBB Health Centre welcomes two new General Practitioners to its team.

Thanks to a team of highly trained and skilled midwives, PBB Health Centre offer outstanding midwifery care, including home-based and on-site prenatal and postnatal visits, maternity care plans, and six week post partum visits. As a result of a partnership established between PBB Health Centre and the Westmead Hospital Antenatal Shared Care Program, women with low-risk pregnancies can now elect to have all of their antenatal care provided by a PBB Health Centre Midwife prior to birthing their baby at Westmead Hospital. PBB Health Centre midwives also offer complete care packages including all antenatal and postnatal visits, and provision of assistance for either a hospital or homebirth.

To further support new and expectant mothers PBB Health Centre offers breastfeeding clinics and individual appointments run by trained lactation consultants, as well as drop-in postnatal and early childhood clinics, and pre-natal yoga classes. The PBB Health Centre resident psychologist offers pregnancy, childbirth, post natal and early parenting counselling.

Demonstrating the centre’s significant investment in quality on a day-to-day basis, on 2 May 2012 PBB Health Centre was awarded accreditation through Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL). PBB Health Centre was commended by AGPAL Chair Dr Richard Choong for its commitment to continually improving the level of service provided to both patients and its community.  

About Us ...

Established in March 2012, the PBB Health Centre provides the highest standard of comprehensive medical, midwifery and allied health care in an environment that is both warm and friendly and at the same time extremely professional.

For more information on the PBB Health Centre please visit our website at www.pbbhealthcentre.com.au or contact Jane directly.

Jane Palmer
Director of PBB Health Centre

PBB Health Centre 13A Buller Street North Parramatta NSW 2151
Phone: (02) 9890 7755
Fax: (02) 9613 3999
Email: jane@pregnancy.com.au
Website: www.pbbhealthcentre.com.au

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