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Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Launches the Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool Range in Australia

Media Release

1st June 2010

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, a NSW  based company providing support and information to midwifery professionals  and parents, is the first  to launch the Aquaborn Birth Pool range in Australia. This timely launch comes at a time of unrest for the future of independent midwives and the services available for mothers considering home birth.

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond unveils the new Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool range in June 2010. The Aquaborn range is available to midwives, hospitals and mothers enabling greater choice for expectant mothers who are considering how and where to give birth. Aquaborn Birth Pools are ergonomically designed, portable pools and which have been used in thousands of water births across the globe. They are the strongest birth pool of its kind.

“The Aquaborn Birth Pools are used all over the world and we are very happy to see them finally available to mothers in Australia, through Pregnancy Birth and Beyond. In bringing our product to Australia, we hope to further promote the benefits of using water in labour and birth, and increase the public awareness of the importance of giving mothers a choice when making decisions about their birth” said Catherine Taylor, director of Aquaborn Pty Ltd.

Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool Range

The Aquaborn Pools are ergonomically designed portable pools made from eco vinyl materials. They utilise disposable liners and come with a heat retaining lid as standard. They are the deepest, strongest and greenest birth pool of its kind and come two sizes, mini and large. The Professional pool is a multi use birth pool suitable for use in hospitals, birth centres and homebirths.

Aquaborn Benefits the Mother:
•    Quick set up time.
•    Greater depth to provide improved buoyancy and ease of movement in the pool.
•    Internal and external handles to assist in all birth positions.
•    Easy entry and exit from pool.
•    Air filled chambers and lid insulate the hot water.

Aquaborn Benefits the Midwife:
•    Ergonomically designed to reduce risk of midwife injury.
•    Liners reduce infection control risks and provide a quick and easy clean up.
•    White floor provides improved visibility when assessing mother.
•    Improved access to mother.
•    Maintained water temperature.

View range of Aquaborn Pools online

About Us ...

Established since 1992, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond provides an up to date and extensive source of information and support for pregnancy, birth and parenting. We offer midwifery services for women birthing at home, hospital or birth centre, Childbirth education, lactation and parenting support. Our online store offers a select range of pregnancy, parenting and breastfeeding products.

For more information on Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond please visit our website at www.pregnancy.com.au or contact Jane directly.
Jane Palmer
Director of Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond
Phone: (02) 9873 1750

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