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New Westmead Hospital Midwifery Antenatal Shared Care Program

Shared Care

Westmead Hospital has recently approved a new Antenatal Shared Care Program. Based on evidence illustrating the benefits to both mother and baby of continuity of care, Antenatal Shared Care programs offer women with low-risk pregnancies, the choice of having all of their antenatal care provided by a Private Practising Midwife.

Women wishing to make use of the Westmead Hospital Antenatal Shared Care Program are required to attend a booking visit at the hospital antenatal clinic. The rest of your visits are with your private practice midwife. You can either book directly with your midwife or the hospital midwives may refer you if you are eligible to the Privately Practising Midwife Antenatal Shared Care program.

For more information refer to the brochure or phone the PBB Health Centre (02) 9890 7755 or visit www.pbbhealthcentre.com.au

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