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Musings of a Midwife

Musings of a Midwife series of articles by Jane Palmer. Jane joins her passion of midwifery and writing together in this delightful series of articles. 

Musings of a Midwife

As a midwife I see women becoming mothers, couples becoming a family and the beginning of life. It is an extraordinary profession. I am privileged to share the journey of women and their families as they travel through pregnancy, birth and becoming parents.  I experience so many different clinical situations and it always keeps me learning.  I have such wonderful experiences but I also face challenges and situations that I don’t have enough knowledge. When I feel a lack of knowledge I start to I research so I increase my understanding. I love to write as it helps me to put my thoughts in order and enhances my knowledge by working through the research evidence logically. So I thought I’d join two of my passions together – midwifery and writing – and record some of my experiences for others to read in the ‘Musings of a Midwife’ series of articles. Jane Palmer Private Practice Midwife.

Musings of a Midwife Articles

Waterbirth - Twisting the research evidence

Waterbirth: Twisting the research evidence

"This morning I woke to read the Google newsfeed on Waterbirth. What I found was headlines like “Study: Water Birth Offers No Special Benefits”, “Water Babies: Docs Challenge Growing Trend — Childbirth In A Tub” and my favourite “Water Births May Be Risky For Mother And Newborn”.  Had there been a new study to show that waterbirth had no benefits or even poor outcomes?" This article by Jane Palmer explores the recent negative headlines focusing on waterbirth. Find out more...

True Knot of the Umbilical Cord

True Knot of the Umbilical Cord

Recently I was at a lovely homebirth. Baby was born into his parents arms after a short but intense labour. No problems during the labour where identified. Once the woman and her baby were snuggled together and comfortable, I set to the task of checking the placenta under the women’s watchful glaze. Quickly we both saw that there was a true knot in the umbilical cord.Find out more...

Australian Homebirth is in Danger

Australian Homebirth is in Danger

Women have a right to birth at home in a safe environment with a qualified and experienced midwife. But yet again women's right to birth at home with a midwife is being threatened. Unless the Australian Government comes up with a solution, any women planning to give birth at home after the 31st December 2016 will not have access to a privately practicing midwife. Find out more...