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Learning to parent a new baby can offer challenges, but with the right information, plenty of practice and experience, being a new parent is wonderful.  How we are nurtured and cared for as infants, impacts on how we are as young adults. The courses offered on this page focus on gentle parenting techniques.

Heart to Heart Parenting


Robin Grille

Heart to Heart Parenting Seminars and Courses.

Psychologist, Parent Educator and Author of ‘Parenting for a Peaceful World’ (2005) and ‘Heart to Heart Parenting (2008). These presentations are for parents, grandparents, child health professionals, early childhood teachers and carers.

Two seminars presented by Robin Grille:

Rock-A-Bye Baby-Getting from ‘blues’ to ‘bliss’

Babyhood is the time when you can have the biggest influence on your child’s emotional intelligence, security, self-confidence and capacity for success. In this presentation you will learn:

  • How your affection literally grows your child’s brain!
  • How to give your baby and child the most emotionally secure start in life
  • The key early childhood experiences that promote your child’s emotional intelligence
  • How healthy emotional development ensures your child’s physical health – for the long term

Connecting with your Toddler and Child

In this seminar we will look at how we can connect with our children and set strong boundaries without relying on punishment, shaming and rewards. This seminar addresses:

  • How empathy helps establish sincere, respectful connection with children.
  • How to deal with tantrums and wilfulness in toddlers.
  • How early childhood experiences promote a child’s emotional intelligence.

Heart to Heart Parenting Courses:

  1. A Joyous Connection with your Baby (six three-hour sessions)
  2. A Joyous Connection with your Toddler & Child (six three-hour sessions)

These courses are designed to make parenting more pleasurable and effortless - while securing for your children a lifetime of emotional health loving relationships. Course content includes:

  • Leading-edge child development information
  • Nurturing your child's emotional health
  • How to take care of parents' emotional wellbeing
  • Understanding our own childhood: the most powerful tool for effective and connected parenting
  • Understanding tantrums and childhood emotionality - supporting children without punishment, shaming or manipulation.
  • Practical guidelines for setting boundaries assertively (non-punitively).
  • A more joyous parenting journey, through co-operative parenting
  • The power of creative play - for emotional health, enhanced cognition and brain development

For further information about Robin Grille’s seminars and courses please follow the link to and follow the subscription instructions, or just click on 'events'

Sleeping baby


Baby Sleep Seminars with Pinky  

  • Confused about baby sleep advice? 
  • Concerned about the impact of baby sleep training regimes such as controlled crying? 
  • Looking for gentle baby sleep and settling techniques that WORK?

Best selling baby sleep author, Pinky McKay presents a 'not to be missed' seminar for both parents and health professionals!

'Sleep, Love and Your Baby's Brain' 

New evidence shows that some approaches to 'teaching babies to sleep' may cause long term, adverse changes to a baby's developing brain.Learn gentle, practical strategies you can adapt right NOW to help your baby (and you) sleep more soundly.
Pinky McKay (author, Sleeping Like a Baby, 100 Ways to Calm the Crying, Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant and infant massage instructor), examines this evidence and offers gentle options to encourage infant sleep and settling that also promote optimum brain and emotional development, along with a secure parent-infant bond. Babies welcome!

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