Advertising Opportunities

Advertising opportunities

Cross promotional partners of Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond (PBB) are offered a number of advertising opportunities to say thank you for their involvement in our online community forum.

Established in the year 2000, the PBB website ( is long standing and proven in the pregnancy and parenting industry. PBB website is an up-to-date and extensive source of information and support for pregnancy, birth and parenting. The website provides a wide range of information on pre-conception care, pregnancy, midwifery care, options for birth, postnatal care, breastfeeding and parenting. We offer high quality information and provide a supportive online community for women planning pregnancy, pregnant women and new parents.

Advertising Opportunity No. 1

A display advert on PBB's website with a minimum of 3000 page impressions per month. Supply us with a jpg or gif image (size 160 x 300px) and the link to your website and we'll do the rest. To see ad placement on a web page see PBB's media kit (refer Ad Unit G). If you don't have an appropriate graphic we can design one for you - contact us for a quote.

Advertising Opportunity No. 2

Each post on the forum can display a  professional signature with your details, logo and web link. For an example see the following image. Only cross promotional partners are permitted to advertise their businesses in their signatures on the forum.

Forum Signature

Advertising Opportunity No. 3

Write an original high quality article on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding or parenting. We are always looking for articles on midwifery care, pre-conception care, pregnancy, birth, waterbirth, homebirth, vaginal birth after caesarean, postnatal care and much more. Then submit your high-quality, original articles for more exposure, credibility and traffic back to your website. All articles published acknowledges the source, links to your website and can contain a logo if desired.

Advertising Opportunity No. 4

Have your business listed on our Cross Promotional Partners Web page


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