Pregnancy Birth and Beyond (PBB) has a number of a cross promotional partners from a range of collaborative industries.The following provides guidelines for PBB cross promotional partners when posting on the forum.


Forum cross promotional partners must have:

  • Leadership capabilities
  • A good attitude
  • Kind demeanour
  • Proficient grammar skills
  • A basic understanding of the features of the community software (we can help you with this)
  • The ability to stimulate discussion
  • Distinguish a violation of our user guidelines
  • The ability to moderate the online community forum.
  • Work in a team environment
  • Have pride in your work and be dedicated to the success of Pregnancy Birth and Beyond’s forum.


Pregnancy Birth and Beyond’s promotional partners are expected to visit the forums a minimum of 2 days per week and spend at least 30 minutes per week writing on the forum.

You are encouraged to start topics and reply to topics where you see fit. During your time on the forum you should monitor users of this community to ensure abiding by our User Guidelines. If a user does violate our guidelines, please notify Jane via email.

You can moderate your posts. Your moderation tools can be found by clicking on the moderation tools button below each post.

If a thread is going in circles or getting repetitive (the issue has been talked to death and is at its end), you can close it. Wherever possible, you should try to keep a thread open and available for public comment.

Notify Jane if you notice duplicate threads posted in the same forum. Jane will then merge the threads.

You Are an Example

It is important that you realize that you are an example of this community and should carry yourself as such at all times. You should always act in a responsible and polite manner. Do not allow yourself to appear abusive, rude or inappropriate. It is your job to cool down threads - not heat them up.

Our User Guidelines apply to you and then some. You are held to a higher standard than regular members. You should not approach, let alone push, the limitations of our User Guidelines.


As a cross promotional partner you are required to:

  • Ensure posts are congruent with PBB philosophies
  • Avoid blatant advertising of your products or services within forum posts
  • Spend a minimum of 30 minutes each week contributing to the forum. If you are unable to contribute due to illness please email Jane ASAP. Two weeks notice is required if you are going on holidays.

Our cross promotional agreement will be considered null and void if you do not contribute to the forum for a period of two weeks without prior notification.

If you choose to cancel our cross promotional agreement, please provide two weeks notice.

If you have any questions about anything at any time, please feel free to contact me via private message or via e-mail at

Thank you for your contributions to Pregnancy Birth and Beyond’s forum.

Page created 15th November 2011

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