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Adrian Baker – Pregnancy and Birth Artist

Adrian Baker

Nothing is more beautiful than a pregnant woman, and nothing is more awe inspiring than a woman giving birth. Painting is an ideal way to capture and portray this very special time in a woman’s life. When exploring pregnancy and birth artists I found Adrian Baker featured in Homebirth Access Sydney’s magazine. Adrian is a homebirth mother of three. Here is a bit more about Adrian and some of her work.

Artist Statement – Labours of Love

As a representational artist my work has its roots in classicism. My paintings however, explore the human condition in very contemporary terms. I strive for technical excellence in order to give compelling expression to my ideas. My inspiration comes from whatever moves me, whether or not it is a traditionally accept subject for painting. Much of my material comes from within my experience.

This has led me to create a series of paintings exploring the physical and emotional journey of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. I don’t attempt to idealise or romanticise the subject matter, but explore both society’s concept of motherhood and its influence on women’s own self-image. I present conflicting views such as ‘Woman as Madonna’, a spiritual and sacred being; ‘Woman as Mother Earth’, in a calm acceptance of the metamorphosis of her body; and ‘Woman as Animal’ surrendering herself to the primal act of childbirth.

All my subjects are either friends or acquaintances who agreed to model for me, or women who agreed (through their midwife) to be photographed during birthing. I use all these sketches and photos as inspiration for the final paintings.

Pregnancy and Birth Artist  Madonna of the Woods

Pregnancy and Birth Artist  Transition

Pregnancy and Birth Artist
The Midwife

Pregnancy and Birth Artist  Waterbirth

Pregnancy and Birth Artist Madonna and Child

Pregnancy and Birth Artist  The Bath

Pregnancy and Birth Artist  Madonna in Winter

Pregnancy and Birth Artist

Pregnancy and Birth Artist

Visit Adrian’s Website www.adrianbakerart.com to view more of her work


Adrian Baker

Born in Montreal, Adrian earned her Fine Arts degree in Toronto. She has been painting and exhibiting her work since 1980, as well as producing commissioned portraits, murals and public art pieces. She has also delivered guest lectures and conducted art classes and workshops for over 25 years.

Adrian’s paintings have been featured in several solo exhibitions, as well as in multiple juried shows both nationally and internationally. Her current figurative work explores our spiritual, emotional, and physical relationship with nature - human figures are juxtaposed against background environments that can be seen as either embracing or threatening, depending on the viewer’s own relationship with the natural world. The figures could also be interpreted as being in mourning for the present state of the environment.

Working in oil and acrylic on canvas, in studio or insitu, Adrian often incorporates earth elements into her work, literally, by mixing ground rock, shell, or minerals to enhance colour and texture.

Written 24th June 2015

Jane Palmer is a private practice midwife and international board certified lactation consultant. Through her company Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Jane provides midwifery, childbirth education and lactation services. For over 22 years, Jane has supported women and their families from preconception to the year following birth. Registering as a midwife in 1997 Jane went on to be one of the first Medicare-eligible midwives in Australia, Jane currently provides midwifery care in collaboration with the group practice Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond, caring for women planning to give birth at home or in hospital. In March 2012 Jane opened the PBB Health Centre in North Parramatta when midwives, general practitioners and allied health professionals provide services to the local community.

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