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Induction of labour against my wishes

Induction of labour against my wishes-2

I was induced much to my disapproval and disappointment, but I felt bulled into following doctors orders. I had gestational diabetes which was diet controlled. They said my baby was macrosomic and they did not want me to go past 40 weeks and 2 days. They started my induction by inserting a pessary in my vagina at 4pm by 2am they wanted to speed things up so they ruptured my membranes, I was fetal monitored throughout my whole labour and had doctors constantly coming into the room to tell me they were unhappy with my baby's heart beat dropping, as they kept upping the doses of syntocinon!!  I moved around as much as I could during my labour and kept asking to go to the toilet as then they had to remove the fetal monitoring. I spent 30 minutes in the shower and thought if the midwives and doctor left me alone I could most certainly birth my baby in the shower but another midwife came in to stop my shower as I was connected to a machine and said I wasn't allowed in the shower because of it, I cried. At one stage they asked if they could take my babies blood by scraping his head to check his level of oxygen I said no at first and they said my baby could get brain damage or be stillborn. I asked for some time to make my decision I asked if I said no what would be my options? They said I would need C-section if I don't allow this test, My beautiful Doula explained that every time my contraction finished my baby's heart was galloping and sounded fine I was very torn with making a decision I eventually said yes, they inserted a metal instrument into my Vagina and I began to have a contraction at the same time as this procedure was taking place. The results were positive and Charlie had enough oxygen running through his body.

The doctors came in 30 minutes later asking to do the same test and I refused and asked them to leave the room, I had laboured for 13hrs with no drugs. My contractions were becoming to strong to handle and breathing wasn't helping as I would have 4 to 5 contractions in a row with no break, at this point I started to push, the doctors came in and said I needed to do the scraping test again or agree to a c-section. I couldn't do the scraping test again so I said yes to the C-section.

My baby was born after 13hrs of labouring. He was completely healthy 3.632kg 53cm in length. He wasn't over weight or macrosomic!

I was happy to hold my darling baby in my arms.


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