Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Pregnant Pause

Pregnant Pause is written by Sarah Davies. After having her daughter Lulu she started the quest to achieve the perfect work life balance. With this still a work in progress she splits her time between promoting her clients and making memories with her little family.


Sarah Dunford

Isn’t it funny, the minute you think you have everything sorted, life throws you a curve ball and you are back to square one. 

Rewind back to May 2007. I was in my final year of a Communication’s degree at University, completing an internship at one of Australia’s most prestigious advertising agencies in North Sydney. Developing an instant rapport with the entire team I wasn’t surprised when my account manager asked me to come back during my next holidays for more experience. I was ecstatic and it seemed my plans to get into a great job straight out of Uni were going to come to fruition. 

Later that afternoon I walked into the toilets and vomited. I had been feeling a little off for a couple of weeks but put it down to stress and exhaustion. When I suddenly realised my period was a week late I bought a test, and as the blue lines appeared in front of me I was thrown into an immediate state of panic. Although I had been with our baby’s father for over three years, we hadn’t planned to settle down for at least another five years. 

The next few weeks were a blur of tears, nervous joy and silent whispers as we came to terms with what would be a defining change in our lives. I have no idea where I would be had I not had the support of our families and my then boyfriend – now husband. He was simply amazing. A pillar of love and support in the face of this challenge. 

When I handed in the final assessment of my University career, and after I’d finished the last exam I wasn’t drinking beer with my friends but rather feeling the kicks from our baby inside me. Instead of packing for a new job in the city I was moving back to the country town where this journey had begun. I wasn’t sad, I was overwhelmingly happy and excited and enthusiastic. Although I was only 23 this was my story, this was our baby and I wasn’t going to let anyone dampen it – especially not those that thought I was too young. 

Nearly four years on and our little family is healthy and happy. Amusingly I still get the odd double take from people when I tell them I have a three year old but I wouldn’t change a thing. And while miss Lulu had momentarily paused my exuberant plans, ultimately I knew nothing would stop me from achieving whatever it was I wanted in life. 

As the great writer Charles R. Swindoll once said “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” So for those people who tell young mothers that their lives are over when they have children, it is so not. Your life is only just beginning.