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Learning to breastfeed your baby DVD

  • Learning to breastfeed your baby DVD
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Breastfeeding your baby is the most natural approach to ensure he or she gets the best start in life. It helps the two of you form a unique relationship and provides your baby with all the nutrients and health benefits he will need in the first six months of life and beyond.

It is quite common for new mothers to feel anxious about breastfeeding as many women have never seen a baby breastfeed before. You may have heard stories about women who had a difficult time breastfeeding or who were unable to breastfeed successfully. When it is going well, breasfeeding is a cmfortable and rewarding experience and almost all women are able to produce all the breastmilk their baby needs.

Breastfeeding is more likely to be successful if the baby is correctly attached to the breast and allowed to feed whenever he wants to and for as long as he wants to.

In this film we hope to make you feel more confident about breastfeeding your baby by explaining how to get off to a good start. This short programme includes computer animation to help others understand the importance of good positioning and attachment.

PAL Region 2.



Bonus material on DVD includes:

  • A guide to bathing your baby
  • A guide to Baby massage


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Product Reviews

  1. The Journal of Human Lactation

    Posted by Nikki Lee RN MS IBCLC on 24th Jun 2010

    This latest treat from Mark-It Television contains visual and verbal gems helpful to expectant and postpartum families.

    The videography is superb, with a panorama of video clips showing a variety of mothers of all ethnic backgrounds, holding, wearing, and nursing babies, including twins. The toddler nursing a stuffed animal while seated next to her nursing mother is tender and amusing. The British, female narrator makes encouraging and accurate statements throughout.

    Spells of narration and intervals of silence create a relaxed atmosphere. Mothers are shown nursing in a variety of styles, including standing up. They are encouraged to use any position that is comfortable for them, and to ask for help.

    After the introduction, the main program covers skin to skin, positioning, a clear and accurate animation of attachment, feeding duration and frequency, and getting support.

    The bonus material contains three short and honest interviews, animation loops (with and without narration and guides to baby massage and to baby bathing (the bath is done by the father - a lovely touch).

    A lot of love and thought went into the creation of this lovely DVD

  2. The Royal College of Midwives

    Posted by Review by midwife and breastfeeding specialist Juliet Albert. on 24th Jun 2010

    Learning to breastfeed your baby I thought this DVD was extremely well done. There were good visuals of both lying down and underarm feeding. They warn mums that sometimes a newborn baby may want to feed as often as hourly by the second or third day before the milk ‘comes in’.

    I liked the pace of the DVD and there are lots of visuals of different babies attaching to the breast. There is an animation sequence to demonstrate how baby takes the milk out from the collecting ducts, where the nipple should be positioned, and how the bottom lip is brought to the bottom edge of the areola first with the chin leading.

    There are a few other very good insights that other DVDs don’t mention. For example that breastfeeds get shorter as baby gets older and that ‘cluster feeding’ in the evenings is 'perfectly normal behaviour’.

    In fact I have to admit that I liked this so much that I will start using it in my antenatal breastfeeding workshops.

    The DVD also included ‘a guide to bathing your baby’ with a father being shown how to do it which is a slightly different take on things as
    well as a guide to baby massage. Both were relevant and nicely produced.

  3. Children's Centres

    Posted by Jayne Cozens - Community Midwife on 24th Jun 2010

    “I must say congratulations to all the people involved in making this DVD. At long last we have a DVD training resource that will never date, as it is the ONLY way to breastfeed. FABULOUS!”

    “Our local Children’s Centre has a copy - it gets a BIG thumbs up!”

  4. MIDIRS Midwifery Digest 20:2 2010

    Posted by Val Dickens (Copy Editor and NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor). on 24th Jun 2010

    This DVD is a masterpiece. For me as a breastfeeding counsellor teaching positioning and attachment to antenatal parents, it’s a gift.

    The portrayal of babies achieving ‘a good latch’ is phenomenal; different mothers and babies of different ethnicities are shown latching on spectacularly clearly. The filming is excellent (I wouldn’t mind knowing how many ‘takes’ were necessary to achieve the final result!) and there are no irritating out of focus shots of babies’ hands in the way, as I have seen on other DVDs/videos. The narration is clear and not overdone.

    The film covers skin-to-skin, the benefits of close contact between mothers and babies, feeding cues, and many different breastfeeding positions - upright, reclining, side-lying and a mum feeding twins using the rugby ball hold. There is an excellent graphics section showing the physiology of the nipple in relation to the baby’s mouth in correct positioning, and the process of milk transfer.

    At 16 minutes in length, it is perfect for an antenatal class; the parents-to-be to whom I have shown it were very enthusiastic and thought it made the process of successful attachment very clear and less confusing than mere spoken explanations. Although I show them a photo of a baby with a wide gape, which always surprises them, the film of a baby actually doing it is really good for them to see.

    My only criticism would be that there is no mention in this film of ‘biological nurturing’ - where the baby is allowed to find and latch onto the breast herself. Perhaps the makers thought this would blur the issue for parents, certainly parents should go away from this film knowing a lot more about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of initiating breastfeeding.

    Marion Copeland is an infant feeding specialist midwife at Southmead Hospital in Bristol where the film was made, and breastfeeding gurus Sally Inch and Mike Woolridge were programme consultants, so this DVD has a rich pedigree.

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