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Active Birth Couch Set


The Active Birth Couch Set contains three pieces of our popular Active Birth Furniture range, which help provide women with ultimate comfort during birth.

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The Active Birth Couch Set contains three pieces of our popular Active Birth Furniture range, which help provide women with ultimate comfort during childbirth.

Expectant mothers need to know they are in safe hands. They want to have the most enjoyable experience possible. The full Active Birth Couch Set provides a high level of comfort while remaining sturdy to support the midwife and mother throughout childbirth. Putting safety and protection first, the furniture set enhances the special moment for everyone involved.

Designed to provide a comfortable and safe active birth, the furniture encourages women to get out of bed and adopt positions that help speed up labour and prevent tearing as the baby is born.

Whatever the preferred or recommended position for each birthing stage, the Active Birth Couch Set allows the expectant mother to do what feels right when she needs to. Furthermore, the furniture enables the midwife or birthing partner to provide the best support they can, while also remaining comfortable.

The Active Birth Couch Set includes:

Active Birth Couch

Expectant mothers can keep a comfortable, yet upright position throughout labour and childbirth with the Active Birth Couch. A staple piece of Active Birth Furniture, it is versatile and can facilitate a secure and enjoyable active birth experience during many of the childbirth stages.

Dimensions: 2300 x 1200 x 410 mm

Active Birth Floor Mat

It might be small, but the Active Birth Floor Mat is a genius piece of furniture that will provide ultimate comfort during the birthing process. For those moments of kneeling or sitting, the soft cushioning will prevent unnecessary aches and ill-comfort, while facilitating a natural and safe birth.

Dimensions: 2300 x 2300 x 20 mm

Active Birth Ottoman

The Active Birth Square Ottoman is a tower of support for midwives helping expectant mothers throughout childbirth. A key piece of the Active Birth Furniture Set, it combines comfort and stability to ensure secure seating, so midwives can concentrate on the job at hand

Dimensions: 700 x 400 x 410 mm

Hygiene care instructions

Step 1: Wipe the furniture clean using a sponge or soft cloth with warm water and mild detergent or soap.

Step 2: Dilute one-part sodium hypochlorite with 100 parts water. Wipe then rinse completely with clean water. Dry thoroughly.

NOTE: Additional items are featured in our image, however they are not included in the birthing couch set are Active birth bead roll and Active birth kneeling pad, these can be purchased separately.

Shipping Note

These are bulk items and they require a different shipping method than what is available, please choose pickup in store for shipping option at checkout and we will quote separately the cost to your address supplied and advise the cost before completing your order.


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