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Expectant mothers can keep a comfortable, yet upright position throughout labour and childbirth with the Active Birth Couch.

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Expectant mothers can keep a comfortable, yet upright position throughout labour and childbirth with the Active Birth Couch. A staple piece of Active Birth Furniture, it is versatile and can facilitate a secure and enjoyable active birth experience during the many stages of childbirth.

Generously sized, the Active Birth Couch provides stability and comfort during and after birth. The top half of the couch is 50 mm of viscoelastic memory foam, which uses body heat to mould to the mother’s shape. The innovative technology used in memory foam mattresses provides extra support and cushioning for a soft but secure childbirth experience.

During the first stage of labour, the mother can use the couch to rest between contractions. Furthermore, the couch assists the mother to either lie down in comfort or adopt an upright position.

During active labour, the couch can support the mother in an upright position which helps shorten the process. The large but mouldable shape means it is particularly suitable for kneeling and supported squat positions during the birth.

Once the baby is born, push the semi-circular ottoman into the couch space to create a large single bed for the mother to easily and enjoyably rest on. As a result, it is ideal for new mothers to lie on post-birth, hold their baby comfortably and cherish their special moment.

Dimensions: 2300 x 1200 x 410 mm

Highest quality manufacturing

The Active Birth Couch is of the highest quality, using innovative and practical methods to ensure hygienic and long-lasting use. Most importantly, the couch uses an antibacterial, fluid-proof polyurethane fabric cover to prevent infection while maintaining a soft feel. The completely sealed, high-frequency welded seams provide maximum protection, prevents any splits and is easy to clean.

  • Is Latex Free

A non-skid base cleverly stops the couch from moving during use, an important function when supporting those crucial moments during birth.

Hygiene care instructions

Step 1: Wipe the furniture clean using a sponge or soft cloth with warm water and mild detergent or soap.
Step 2: Dilute one-part sodium hypochlorite with 100 parts water. Wipe then rinse completely with clean water. Dry thoroughly.

Shipping Note

This is a bulk items and requires a different shipping method than what is available, please choose pickup in store for shipping option at checkout and we will quote separately the cost to deliver to your address supplied and advise the cost before completing your order.

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