Posterior Tongue Tie – What do we know?

By Laura-Jane Marsden Increasingly, health professionals are diagnosing posterior tongue ties and surgically cutting the tie with a procedure called a frenotomy citing the tongue tie as a reason for breastfeeding issues. There is a lot of debate about posterior tongue ties and the current data about posterior tongue ties seems to be unreliable.


The day my baby was born

I will never forget the moment my labour began, the moment that marked that step in my journey into motherhood. I can remember everything about it so clearly. My partner, Dave, and I were walking down the road from our corner shop with our dog Jazz, it was nearly 6pm on Tuesday the 10th


Acupressure for pain relief during labour

By Karen Pohlner Introduction The intense nature of labour means most women will look for and use some form of pain relief during their childbirth. For those women who prefer to avoid or minimise the use of medical analgesia, acupressure is a safe, effective, drug-free alternative. The degree of assistance that acupressure provides varies


Moxibustion for breech presentation

By Karen Pohlner How to do your baby a good turn: Moxibustion for breech presentation As a pregnancy progresses and the baby continues to grow, available space within the uterus reduces resulting in less room for the baby to move. The baby’s head eventually becomes heavier than its bottom and under normal circumstances around


Using Traditional Chinese Medicine to Support Female Reproductive Wellness and Promote Natural Fertility

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine to Support Female Reproductive Wellness and Promote Natural Fertility By Karen Pohlner In Australia, the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is enjoying growing popularity as couples seek to enhance their fertility using natural methods. News of positive experiences and successful outcomes are spreading as natural, holistic alternatives to conventional


Is Chinese Medicine Safe During Pregnancy?

By Karen Pohlner The question of "Is Chinese medicine safe in pregnancy?" is one of the most commonly asked questions of TCM practitioners by pregnant women. In short, the answer is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. There are a number of acupuncture points and herbal ingredients that are either cautioned or contraindicated for use during


Midwives and social media

By Carolyn Hastie Midwives are becoming more engaged with social media and electronic communications in both their professional and personal lives. We explore some of the pitfalls, precautions and powerful possibilities that social media offers to midwives in this article by Carolyn Hastie. Social media and midwifery Midwives love networking – whether sitting in


Childbirth and the Law Forum

Who decides how and where a baby is born? Who bears the risks of childbirth? What role do midwives and doctors have in protecting the unborn baby? What legal rights do women have to choose how they give birth? How can we create the best maternity care system possible for Australian women and babies


Freedom For Birth – Global Premiere

Global Premiere Date & Venue Thursday 20th September from 7:00pm PBB Health Centre 13A Buller St, North Parramatta NSW 2151 Cost Tickets are $12 per person About the Film A new documentary that reframes childbirth as the most pressing global Human Rights issue today is launching with hundreds of premieres all over the world