Using a baby carrier, wrap or sling is known as “wearing” your baby. Your baby will be “close enough to kiss”. This gives you wonderfully close contact with your baby. Many babies love being carried by their mum or dad.

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How to Use Baby Carriers Without a Sore Neck

Baby carriers and slings design make parenting easier by keeping your hands free, while also keeping you and baby cosily close. You probably already know of babywearing's fabulous benefits. Research shows baby carriers can keep baby calm and content. Additionally, they can also increase secure attachment between mother and baby. And it can help you breastfeed for longer. But a common worry about babywearing is that it will give you a sore neck, back or shoulders. Don't worry; there

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Prevention of hip dysplasia

After birth, it takes several months for the joints to stretch out naturally. Babies that have been in the breech (bottom first) position may need even more time to stretch out naturally. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint. During the first few months of life the ball is more likely to be loose within the socket because babies are naturally flexible and because the edges of the socket are made of soft cartilage like the


Safe Babywearing

By Yvette Barton Baby wearing in some form of sling or another has been entrenched in the parenting practices of some cultures for centuries. In the western world we have been a little slower to get on the baby wearing bandwagon, but baby slings are now in common used by many parents. Baby wearing is a wonderfully practical and natural way to carry your baby. It encourages bonding, promotes intelligence, and leaves your hands free to complete other tasks. However