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Twin Articles

In this section you will find articles about twin pregnancy and twin birth. We will cover information such as:

  • Why twins occur
  • Identical and non-identical twins
  • Determining a twin pregnancy
  • Pregnancy symptoms with twins
  • Pregnancy complications with twins
  • Giving birth to twins
  • Feeding twins
  • Parenting twins
  • and lots lots more …

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Pregnancy Complications with Twins

Pregnancy complications with twins By Hannah Dahlen Women having twins are more likely to suffer certain pregnancy complications than women have only one baby. High blood pressure of pregnancy is one of these complications and it tends to be worse in identical twin pregnancies. In order to detect this early the woman’s blood pressure will be closely monitored. Testing the urine can also help identify the development of this disease by the appearance of protein. Sometimes the mother needs


Twins The Early Hours in Neonatal Intensive Care

Twins The Early Hours in Neonatal Intensive Care Where your twin babies are preterm and/or experiencing difficulties, they will be transferred to either the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or special care nursery. Your partner or designated support person can generally accompany the babies. During this time you are likely to be either in the birth unit or in recovery. This depends on whether your babies were born vaginally or by caesarean. It is difficult to have your babies


Giving Birth to Twins

Giving Birth to TwinsDiscovering you are carrying twins is often a moment of mixed emotions. You may feel two babies rather than just one is a blessing. You may worry just how you are going to accommodate and afford your doubled joy.  There is likely to be a plethora of questions and thoughts swimming in your head in the early days. No doubt you’ll soon start to wonder what it is like giving birth to twins.It is true that in


Twins Double the Trouble and Twice the Fun

Twins Double the Trouble and Twice the Fun Hannah Dahlen When we think of twins most of us conjure up images of cute, identical babies in matching outfits. We think of deep sibling bonds and pranks played on unsuspecting adults. But there is a serious side to twins that can be lost in the rather stereotypical images we have. Having twins can be a lot of fun and full of incredible joy but higher risks are associated with twin


Pregnancy Symptoms with Twins

Pregnancy Symptoms with Twins Hannah Dahlen Being pregnant with twins poses specific problems for mothers. As a result specific pregnancy symptoms can arise with twins. Women are more likely to suffer exacerbation of some of the common, but unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy. These include: heartburn, nausea and vomiting, backache, haemorrhoids, tiredness and general discomfort. The increased weight and size of the uterus are the main culprits when it comes to the increased rate of varicose veins, swelling in the


Gentle Caesarean Birth Plan for Triplets

Gentle Caesarean Birth Plan for Triplets By Amy Buteau Amy has shared her gentle caesarean birth plan for her triplets. I would like to thank Amy for sharing her birth plan. This example of a birth plan may help you with writing your own birth plan. Jane Palmer We understand that the following is for a best case scenario. This birth plan is intended to express our preferences and desires we have for a vaginal birth, if AT ALL


Having Twins

You won't realize how compassionate and giving people can be until you have twins. First of all, from the day you get that ultrasound showing two little ones incubating in your belly, your beau is sure to treat you like a queen. That is, he better treat you like a queen for his own good. People will bend over backwards for you, and forwards to pick things up, as you will be one heavy mama! They'll let you cut