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When pregnancy is confirmed women start to seek information on keeping healthy. So if you’re asking questions about “what to eat in pregnancy?” you’re not alone. This is one of the most common questions many mums-to-be ask.  Naturally, you want to eat well to provide your growing baby all the nutrients it needs to develop properly.

Healthy eating will give your baby a great start in life and help you avoid pregnancy problems. Eating well doesn’t just mean increasing or reducing what you eat. It’s about eating a balanced diet for you and the baby.  In this section we’ve put together information on what to eat in pregnancy, as well as what foods you should avoid and why.

What to eat in pregnancy articles

Getting serious about Folic Acid

Getting serious about Folic Acid By Hannah Dahlen Folic Acid is a Vitamin from the B group that is needed for healthy growth and development. While everyone needs Folic Acid it is especially important for women of childbearing age, particularly those planning a pregnancy. Folic Acid enables the healthy development of babies in early pregnancy and significantly reduces the risk of certain abnormalities called neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. Women are recommended to take folic acid supplements


Protein Matters in Pregnancy and Lactation

Protein Matters in Pregnancy and Lactation Protein is an essential macro-nutrient, from the protein, fat and carbohydrate family. Protein is required by everyone for optimal health. This is even more so during pregnancy and lactation; protein matters. Made up of amino acids, protein forms the building blocks of your body's cells and that of your baby. The need for protein increases during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. This is when your baby is growing at a rapid rate. Similarly,


Coconuts: Tropical Miracle Food

Coconuts: Tropical Miracle Food By Beryl Truong On a recent holiday to South East Asia, I loved being able to have a juicy fresh young coconut every day as well as feeding the coconut water and young flesh to my 7 month old infant. The nutrient density of coconuts means it has long been revered in traditional cultures as both a food and as a medicine. Did you know that the composition of mineral nutrients in coconut water is


Listeria and Pregnancy

Listeria and Pregnancy By Jane Palmer Listeria is a bacteria that is found in nature and lives in some foods. Sources of Listeria include most animals, soil, vegetation and sewerage. Because of this, Listeria can easily enter our food chain. An infection with Listeria can cause mild ‘flu-like’ symptoms, urinary tract infections or even quite serious illness. In adults who have an impaired immune system, Listeria can cause illnesses such as meningitis, pneumonia and encephalitis. The bacteria that causes


Safe Eating and Drinking Before and During Pregnancy

Safe Eating and Drinking Before and During Pregnancy Thinking about getting pregnant? This article by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) will provide you with vital information about what you eat and drink before and during pregnancy. Dr Paul Brent, FSANZ’s Chief Scientist, said that thinking about having a baby is an exciting time but there are a few vital things to remember about eating and drinking to make sure that you and your baby are healthy. ‘Women can


Eating Organic Food When Pregnant and Breastfeeding-What are the benefits?

Eating Organic Food When Pregnant and Breastfeeding-What are the benefits? By Raquel Bosustow As a mother of three children under four, Raquel Bosustow, owner of Organics Only, understands the importance of eating organic food and leading a healthy lifestyle whilst pregnant and breastfeeding. Raquel found a study conducted by the Journal of Applied Nutrition in 1993 that has proved organically grown fruit and vegetables have a higher nutritive content than conventional produce. Organic apples, wheat, corn, potatoes and peas


Eating Fish During Pregnancy

Eating Fish During PregnancyBy Hannah Dahlen Fish is a highly nutritious food and an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D, Iodine and the omega-3 fatty acids. All these nutrients provide important health benefits to you and your baby when you are pregnant or breastfeeding . Omega 3 is important for the development of the central nervous system in babies both before and after they are born.The concern with fish is that the high mercury content


Should pregnant and breastfeeding women take Iodine supplements?

Should pregnant and breastfeeding women take Iodine supplements? There have been reports in the media recently linking a lack of Iodine in pregnant and breastfeeding women’s diets to intellectual problems in their children. Several studies have shown a re-emergence of mild to moderate Iodine deficiency in school children, healthy adults and pregnant women. This was identified in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and New Zealand. Over a third of the world’s population live in areas where there is Iodine


What is Folic Acid

What is Folic Acid? Folic acid, also known as folate, is a water soluble B-group vitamin carried through the bloodstream and excreted in urine. Because it is not stored in the human body we must consume folic acid every day in order to make sure our body has an adequate supply. Folic acid performs several vital functions in the body. These include: Synthesizing DNA and repairing RNA Aiding rapid cell division and growth Producing healthy red blood cells Preventing