About Us

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond (PBB) – a public health information website – is delighted to provide an extensive source of well-known and up-to-date information and support throughout pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Since our launch in 1992, we’ve always believed in the power of parents to make the best, informed decisions about their children throughout pregnancy, birth and the first months of a baby’s life. We know this is a life-changing adventure for you and we’re delighted to help you embark on this journey feeling strong, excited and confident.

So here, on our ever-growing website, you’ll find tonnes of information gathered by our online journalists about everything from pre-conception to postnatal care and how to parent gently and effectively.

We also sell a select, carefully-chosen range of pregnancy, parenting and breastfeeding products. You will find guides and online support on how best to use these products and you’ll be given the chance to sign up to our newsletter, which offers more information.  In support of breastfeeding we provide an easy way to hire hospital grade breast pumps.

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