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Postpartum hair loss – are you going bald, and what can you do to stop it?

Worrying about postpartum hair loss is the last thing you need when you’re adjusting to new motherhood. On top of learning to breastfeed in public, use a baby carrier, and get bub to sleep, why are you losing hair? Could you be going bald? And what can you do about it? How common is postpartum hair loss? If bub is two to four months old and you’re now losing hair by the handful, you’re not alone. About 1 in

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Five tips for managing your expectations of motherhood

By Melanie Strang Be flexible: It is common for mums to struggle with coming to terms with what they planned versus what reality serves up. For example you may have planned to return to work by 3 months yet circumstances change when bub arrives. Don’t believe the hype: The media portrays a romanticised version of motherhood: Understand that life with a young baby does not look like a Huggies ad! There are amazing moments of joy and bonding yet


‘Motherese’ important for children’s language development

By Macquarie University Talking to children has always been fundamental to language development, but new research reveals that the way we talk to children is key to building their ability to understand and create sentences of their own. The exaggerated speech we naturally use with young children is special register – often called ‘motherese’. “We use changes in pitch and rhythm when we talk to children, and we emphasize important words This is what children usually learn and produce


So, what do you do?

By Karen Houghton One of the ways in which people have high self-esteem is through their occupation. How you feel about your occupation determines how others will view your occupation. If your occupation is selling ice in Alaska but you spoke with confidence and enthusiasm and believed you were the best ice salesperson in Alaska, then you would certainly be seen by others as being successful. You are also able to answer the ‘So, what do you do’ question