When looking up teenage pregnancy facts you’ll find that teenage women can have a healthy pregnancy and baby. While most teenage women give birth without any problems there are a few reasons why teenagers are at increased risk. Sometimes teenagers do not realise they are pregnant until later in pregnancy. And when a teenager finds out she is pregnant, she may not know how to access appropriate health care services. When a delay in seeing a midwife or doctor occurs, it can increase the risk to mother and baby. In addition the following situations are more common in pregnant teenagers:

Teenage Pregnancy Facts

Avoiding Problems for Pregnancy and Birth

But there is lots you can do to help avoid issues in pregnancy and birth. Avoiding smoking is a top priority. Further more eating well is very important if you’re a teenager who’s pregnant. This is because not only are you growing a baby, your own body is still growing. By eating well you help keep yourself and your baby healthy. You might find the following links on nutrition helpful:

Seeking Help

Having a baby at a younger age is a unique situation requiring specific information, guidance and support. Many health services have special programs designed for pregnant teenagers — contact your midwife, doctor or local hospital to see if a program is available for you. If you’re a teenager and you want to gain support online you could try to find support through social media. For example Facebook has a number of groups and pages on teenage pregnancy.

Teenage Pregnancy Facts Suggested Links

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Published 8th March 2020

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