When you become a parent for the first time everything changes. There seems to be tonnes of information out there for the mum-to-be. However, for the dad-to-be it can be a little more challenging. Many books contain little or no information for dads-to-be. This can lead to frustration, confusion and fear. In the past dads were pushed to the sidelines but thankfully this is changing. Recent research reveals how important the dads’ role is in parenting. On this page you’ll find lots of resources aimed specifically at dads.

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  • Beer and Bubs is a one-night workshop at the pub where dads can learn how to support their partner through the birth of their baby. See website for venues and dates.
  • Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation An Australian resource for dads. The Fatherhood Foundation helps children by promoting excellence in fathering. The Fatherhood Project is a not for profit, independent organisation, dedicated to valuing the experience of fatherhood and building positive community, through enriching the lives of children, fathers and their families.
  • Mensline Australia Supporting men and their families. Service for men dealing with family and relationship difficulties

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Preparing for fatherhood: What you need to know and do

Dads-to-be, is it fair to say you haven't given parenthood as much thought as the mum-to-be has? Most of you don't usually look at pregnancy websites, maybe because they speak more to mums, and you're busy. But preparing for fatherhood is worthwhile. When dads are positively involved in their kids' care, the children are better off. They end up socially and emotionally healthier and achieve more at school. Taking an active role as a new dad might mean buying

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Information for Dads

By Jane Palmer I personally find that information for expectant and new dads is very hard to come by. In my research looking for helpful information for fathers I came across Good Beginnings. Good Beginnings is a national charity that provides practical, community-based parenting programs and support to ensure children get the best start in life. Good Beginnings state that "parents are doing one of the most vital jobs in the country – bringing up the next generation of