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Online videos are a fantastic resource. While a book on twins and twin births can be helpful, videos are worth a thousand words. Twin videos are a great opportunity to learn about options for twin birth. Giving birth to a baby is an amazing process. Giving birth to twins is doubly amazing. We’ve included here some of our favourite twin videos to help you think about what you would like for the birth of your twin babies.

Our Selected Twin Videos

Pregnancy with Triplets Video

Pregnancy with Triplets VideoHave you ever pondered multiple pregnancy and wondered how a woman’s body can accommodate more than one growing baby. While many of us may have encountered a friend, a family member or even a stranger carrying twins, triplet pregnancies are substantially rarer. This touching video, encapsulating 35.1 weeks of pregnancy in three minutes, shows the phenomenal adaptability of one woman’s body as her triplet sons grow inside her. Whether pregnant with triplets, taking a walk down memory


Pregnancy with Twins Video

Pregnancy with Twins Video Have you had a twins pregnancy, watched the expanding tummy of a friend or family member carrying twins, or just encountered a stranger with a very large belly accommodating two energetic babies? If you have you probably know, or at least suspect, that an amazing transformation occurs in a twins pregnancy. This fantastic video, encapsulating 38 weeks of pregnancy in two minutes, shows just how phenomenal those changes are. Whether pregnant with twins, taking a


Natural Birth of Twins and Triplets Video

Natural Birth of Twins and Triplets Video Finding a portrayal of natural birth of twin and triplet is extremely difficult. Most of the content on the world wide web that you read and watch on multiple birth focuses on risk, the need for intervention and often caesarean birth. This YouTube video features a photo montage of women who have had their twins or triplets naturally (most were unmedicated and with as few interventions as possible), many against great odds!.