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In this section you will find articles on lots of issues surrounding water submersion during labour and waterbirth. Read about using water during labour, setting up a birth pool, cleaning a birth pool, different types of waterbirth products available, where to have a waterbirth and lots, lots more.

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Articles on Using Water During Labour and Birth

How to Set Up a Birth Pool

How to Set Up a Birth Pool You’re pregnant – Congratulations! And you’ve decided on a waterbirth – Terrific! Now to the next question …. how to set up a birth pool! This article is designed to assist you in navigating your way through selecting, erecting, using and ultimately packing away your birth pool. What You’ll Need Birth pool and liner Electric or hand air pump, the kind commonly used to inflate an air bed Waterproof sheet to protect


The History of Waterbirth

The History of Waterbirth To the untrained eye, those offering opinions on the safety and value of waterbirth might be seen to be debating a relatively new and radical practice. It is perhaps easy to assume that as land bound mammals that land is where we are intended to birth. However, this simplistic notion overlooks a number of key biological facts. Our Biological Link to Water 70% of our planet’s surface is covered in water. Interestingly, after some 40


Waterbirth with my tenth baby

Waterbirth with my tenth baby After nine active and drug free hospital births with deliveries by midwives, I found myself having a waterbirth with my 10th baby. This was, I would say, an accident as it hadn’t even entered my mind to have a waterbirth. Well 4 days past my due date I went and had a massage and Michael the masseuse did my pressure points and I nearly hit the roof, I had had 2 previous acupuncture appointments


Water Birth Photo Gallery

Water Birth Photo Gallery Waterbirth facilitates gentle, safe and empowering birth. This waterbirth photo gallery celebrates the wonderful option of waterbirth. Photos can say far more than words. Click on the image to see it at full size. We'd love to recieve your photos to add to this page. If you would like to submit your waterbirth photos, please email them to Jane Image Gallery


Labouring and Birthing in Water

Labouring and Birthing in Water By Hannah Dahlen ‘I’ve always loved the water’ Christina tells me. Her voice is gentle and contemplative. ‘I have a long candlelit bath every night. I feel really at home in the water, so it just seemed perfect for birthing.’ When Christina was pregnant with her second child, Aluca, she began exploring the possibility of having a water birth. With Paolo, her first baby, she had given birth in a birth centre. While Christina


Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines Eco Birth Pool

Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines Eco Birth Pool After using the pool, all water and debris should be removed from inside the pool. Prepare 20 litres of Milton solution, approximately 2 buckets full. 2 Milton tabs for 10 litres of warm water. Allow Milton tabs to dissolve. Empty warm Milton solution into pool and rinse the sides and the floor. Leave for 15 minutes. Empty water out. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel. When the pool is completely dry, deflate


FAQ – Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool

FAQ - Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool Is the Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool right for me? If you and your baby are healthy, and your midwife has not raised any concerns about the suitability of using warm water during labour or birth, then an Eco Birth Pool can provide you with the perfect solution for comfort in labour and the option of having a waterbirth. If you want a partner to join you in the pool, they can with the


Ergonomic Use and Handling of the Aquaborn Birth Pools

Ergonomic Use and Handling of the Aquaborn Birth Pools Aquaborn Eco Birth Pools are ergonomically designed to be used width ways and length ways and supports improved manual handling for midwives and doulas. Midwifery: Health and Safety & Ergonomics The Aquaborn Pools have been designed so that a midwife is able to more easily assess a mother in the water with out putting themselves at risk of back and shoulder injury. Although in many cases the use of water


Birth Pools FAQs

Birth Pools FAQs PBB has put together a list of frequently asked questions, and answers, to help you as you make decisions about purchasing and using a birth pool for labour and birth. Researching your options in pregnancy helps you decide whether or not a pool is right for you, which pool suits you best, and how to set up and pack up your birth pool If you have questions we have not answered here, please contact us directly


How to Pack Up a Birth Pool

You’ve had your baby – Congratulations! And whether or not you used your birth pool in labour you will need to pack it away. So you may be asking how to pack up a birth pool! This article is designed to assist you in navigating your way through emptying, cleaning, deflating and storing your birth pool. What You’ll Need Siphon or submersible electrical water pump Debris scoop Bucket Sterilising solution Emptying Your Pool Your pool can be drained in


Water for labour and birth

By Robyn Dempsey I have attended women for over 18 years, many of whom have chosen to birth in the water. It is my intention to help you understand how useful water can be to birthing families. I wish to acknowledge Joy Argent whose lecture on this subject has given me much of my information. In case you’ve forgotten, before birth we all spent close to nine months totally surrounded by water. It is certainly no stranger to any


Are Birth Pools Beneficial in Labour

The use of water in labour is a centuries-old practice for the human race. However today, many people are either unaware or sceptical of whether birth pools are beneficial in labour. The concept of using water in labour is a fairly simple one. If you are a bath-person you will understand because it is as simple as hoping into a warm bath after a long, hard day. As your body slips beneath the surface of the water you feel


Waterbirth – Twisting the research evidence

By Jane Palmer This morning I woke to read the Google newsfeed on Waterbirth. What I found was headlines like “Study: Water Birth Offers No Special Benefits”, “Water Babies: Docs Challenge Growing Trend — Childbirth In A Tub” and my favourite “Water Births May Be Risky For Mother And Newborn”. Had there been a new study to show that waterbirth had no benefits or even poor outcomes? I wanted to know if this was the case as at least


Birth Pool Friendly Hospitals

On this page we are listing Australian hospitals that have birth pools available for use or allow you to bring a birth pool in to use during labour and/or birth. This list is in its infancy and we'd love to hear from you if you know a hospital that is not listed here or if a hospital is listed in error. Even if your hospital is not listed here it is worthwhile asking if you can bring in a


Inflatable Birth Pools Compared

At Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond we are proud to offer the highest quality waterbirth pools for you. We stock the largest range of birth pools in Australia. Inflatable birth pools can be can be used at home, in a birth centre and in hospital. It can be difficult to decide which is the best birth pool for you. To help you decide we have developed a comprehensive table that compares all our current inflatable birth pools. To download the