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Finding information on teenage pregnancy can be difficult. In this section you will find articles on teenage pregnancy and parenting aiming to help you explore your choices and options.

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Support and Socialisation Through Play

Support and Socialisation Through Play By Playgroup Australia A growing number of young mums and dads are turning to Playgroups for young parents for peer support and valuable socialisation for their children. These parents in their teens and early twenties, are setting aside a few hours each week to attend Playgroup with their babies and before school age children. What is Playgroup? Playgroup is for children aged from birth until they are old enough to attend school. While this


The Power Program for Pregnant Teenagers

The Power Program for Pregnant Teenagers Teenage pregnancy has been looked at as a controversial topic for decades. The trends and practices have indeed changed over time but one thing is still undebated: the young mothers and the babies born out of those pregnancies need optimal support to thrive and have the best chances in life. Psychosocial issues Most teen pregnancies are unplanned with the young mother and father engaged in unsafe lifestyles which include, smoking, drinking and drug


Your Teenage Daughter is Pregnant: How to Deal With It?

By Jennifer Livingston You can't believe it. You've just discovered that your teenage daughter is pregnant. You may find yourself filled with worry for both your daughter and her unborn child, or you may even be angry at your daughter and the situation. Even though you may be filled with conflicting emotions, remember that your daughter needs you to stay calm and help her explore her options and find ways to remain healthy during the duration of her pregnancy.