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Postnatal articles

Postpartum hair loss – are you going bald, and what can you do to stop it?

Worrying about postpartum hair loss is the last thing you need when you’re adjusting to new motherhood. On top of learning to breastfeed in public, use a baby carrier, and get bub to sleep, why are you losing hair? Could you be going bald? And what can you do about it? How common is postpartum hair loss? If bub is two to four months old and you’re now losing hair by the handful, you’re not alone. About 1 in

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How to Create the Perfect Postnatal Plan

Have you created a postnatal plan to help you ease into motherhood? Just as you wouldn't embark on birth without discussing your preferences, don't leave the period after birth to chance either. Giving some thought to the first weeks after a baby is born can help them run smoothly and with more joy. From visitors to chores to postnatal care, here are some things to jot down in your postpartum plan. Boundaries for visitors Everyone wants to share your


Contraception Choices

By Hannah Dahlen In Australia, in the past ten years, contraceptive choices for women have increased significantly. Women continue to seek a wide range of contraceptive options and they increasingly want to be fully informed and in control of their fertility. Research indicates that women’s primary concerns when choosing contraception are that it is effective and has minimal side effects. Generally the more effective contraception is the greater the potential for side effects. Ultimately every woman must make their