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pregnancy informationPregnancy is a special experience whether this is your first baby or you’ve been pregnant before. The feelings you experience can, however, be a little overwhelming. You may experience anything from joy to ambivalence, or even fear. Suddenly, you’re faced with the reality that your body is about to undergo profound changes. A baby is going to take shape inside you, and you’re going to be their parent. You can take positive steps to help prepare yourself for what lies ahead by reading our pregnancy information section.

You’ll want to know all about the changes happening to your body and the growing life inside you. Our pregnancy information section aims to help you understand and enjoy your pregnancy. Here you’ll find lots of information, support and advice.

  • How can I get answers to common questions about pregnancy?
  • What should I bring to the hospital with me?
  • What can I do if I am overdue?

These are just a few questions to which you may want to know answers. We’ve answered these and many more.

Pregnancy Information Articles

Older Mothers: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Older Mothers: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! By Hannah Dahlen As an older mother myself, having just given birth to a baby girl eight weeks before I turned forty, I find myself sensitive to all the expert opinion on the subject. During my pregnancy some of the comments I received made me wonder if I should just book into a retirement home at the same time I booked in for my antenatal care. I even considered the


Hair Dye in Pregnancy

Hair Dye in Pregnancy By Fer Le Noir, Carlton When a woman discovers she is pregnant, in most cases her natural instinct is to do everything she can to ensure her baby’s safety. As a result, pregnancy raises many questions. Is this safe to eat? Will doing that harm my baby? Among the myriad of questions pregnant woman ask, many ask about the safety of beauty treatments. And perhaps the beauty treatment that raises the most questions and controversy is


Babies Second time Around

Babies second time aroundHannah Dahlen“When are you going to have ‘number two’? You’re not going to let her be an only child? Don’t you think she needs a brother or sister?” Not only are we eventually asked these questions publicly by well meaning friends and relatives, but also at some point we begin to ask these same questions of ourselves privately as parents.The decision to have more than one child is not an easy one for many parents. Australia’s fertility



Overdue By Jane Palmer When you first see your midwife or doctor they give you a date that your baby is due. Sometimes this date changes during the course of your pregnancy, but mostly it stays the same and women look forward to it with great anticipation. The reality is however that only five per cent of babies arrive on the expected day. Ideally you should allow two weeks either side of your due date. Giving birth anywhere between 37


Smoking in Pregnancy

Smoking in Pregnancy By Jane Palmer We know more and more these days about the effects of cigarette smoking on pregnancy. For instance did you know that cigarette smoke contains 2000 components. Some of the most harmful for pregnant women and their babies is thought to be nicotine, carbon monoxide and cyanide. These substances have been found to cross the placenta and reach the baby. One of the most concerning effects of smoking during pregnancy is that the baby’s growth


What do I take to Hospital?

What do I take to Hospital? By Jane Palmer Often I receive emails from people asking what they should pack to to go to the hospital, so I thought it would be helpful to provide a suggested list here on my website. Your hospital should provide you with further information. Ideally start gathering items together from about 34 weeks of pregnancy. It makes your trip to hospital when you are in labour much more relaxing if you are prepared


Common Questions Pregnant Women Ask

Common Questions Pregnant Women Ask Hannah Dahlen Women ask questions all through their pregnancy but there are some that do seem to come up repeatedly. Here are the three I am asked most often. How big do you think my baby is? It is very common for women to ask how big you think their baby is, particularly towards the end of pregnancy. People seem to consider pregnant women’s bodies as public property and make comments about their size that


Driving During Pregnancy

Driving During Pregnancy Hannah Dahlen A recent study conducted in Japan on the effect of driving a car in pregnancy on the baby’s heart rate and mother’s uterus found no adverse influences on either the baby or mother. Some women worry that the increased uterine activity they may feel while driving during pregnancy could cause preterm labour. The researchers found, however, that women actually had fewer contractions when sitting in a car than they did when walking. While you


My Pregnancy: A Woman’s Story

My Pregnancy: A Woman's Story By Jane Palmer I’ve always adored Anne Geddes photographs of newborn babies. The photographs are innovative, compelling and unusual. Anne has now turned her wonderful talent to photographing pregnant women and the results are amazing. These pregnancy photographs go alongside women’s stories of pregnancy, birth and parenting in “My Pregnancy, A Woman’s Story”. This is a heart-warming and compelling quarterly magazine. The magazine is high quality, beautifully presented and makes the perfect gift. I