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Baby Health

Your much-cherished baby has arrived and you want to ensure nothing but the best for them and their life ahead. Keeping in mind that knowledge is power, this section on baby health offers articles to assist you in making informed decisions to support your baby’s current and future health and well being. This includes information aimed at demystifying the nature and purpose of routine screening tests. We hope you find this section useful.

Baby Health Articles

What Makes Tummy Time so Helpful for Newborns?

It’s no secret that physical activity and good health go hand in hand – even for newborns. Tummy time is how babies learn to use and strengthen their muscles and look at the world from a different perspective. There are several specific benefits for your little one’s development. Tummy time in a recent review of the research found that across 16 studies, advantages included: Stronger gross motor development (large muscle skills) Greater overall development Better ability to move while


3 Easy Baby Food Recipes You Can Make at Home

Commercially-sold baby food first emerged on supermarket shelves in 1920, and by 1950, 90% of parents were feeding their infants' store-bought purees. In the last decade, however, baby food sales have been declining as parents return to a more holistic and hands-on approach to feeding their children. Making your own baby food has several advantages over choosing store-bought jars. Homemade baby food gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what goes into your child’s first foods. Homemade

  • Vitamin K for Newborn Babies